Why Urns?


Why Urns

A cremation urn for ashes is a sensible and safe way to keep your loved one close plus there are a many advantages to choosing a cremation service over a traditional funeral service.A comfortable fit for any budget our urns, keepsakes, jewellery and memorials are an elegant and worthy family heirloom to treasure forever.

Choosing an urn for ashes also has a huge environmental benefit too.

You can choose to scatter, bury or keep your ashes which ever you find most comforting.  In fact, you can even do all 3 if you please.

Our cremation jewellery holds token amounts of ashes and is a lovely way to always keep them close to you.  Our scattering urns are easy to use and our keepsake urns are perfect for sharing ashes amongst close relatives and friends.  Our large urns come in a wide choice of traditional and contemporary designs so these can be kept in the grace and comfort of your own home.  Our pet memorials are a fitting tribute to your best friend.

If you need any help in deciding the best option do not hesitate to call us on 0161 484 2208.

We’re the experts so you don’t have to be.

Love and Light