What size urn do I need?

Generally our large urns for ashes are around 3 litres in capacity and suitable for an average adult.  Our keepsake urns are designed to hold token amounts of ashes only.

How do I put the ashes into the urn?

The ashes will be given to you in a plastic bag or container.  Place them inside the urn and carefully release the ashes.

How do I open the urn?

Generally our large urns will have a threaded screw top lid.  A sculptured urn or a keepsake might open from the side or the bottom.  Every urn is designed to make this process as easy as possible and don’t forget were only a phone call away.

Can I seal the urn?

Yes a small amount of sealer from your local DIY shop around the rim or opening is best.

What is a keepsake urn?

Our keepsake urns are designed to hold a token amount of ashes.  These are perfect if several family members all want to have a small amount of your loved ones ashes or you chose to scatter the majority but want to keep a memorial.

How do I open the keepsake urn?

Our keepsake urns come with a threaded lid or a plug at the back or bottom.

How long does a biodegradable urn take to biodegrade? 

It will take several months for our biodegradable urn to biodegrade.  The more moisture within the soil the quicker it will break down.

What is cremation jewellery?

Usually a necklace, bracelet or pendant; our cremation jewellery or memorial jewellery is a comfortable way  to always keep a token of your loved one with you.

How do I open the cremation jewellery?

Our cremation jewellery or ashes jewellery comes with a threaded lid or a plug at the bottom or back.