Ashes Urn

Ashes Urn

Are you looking for an Ashes Urn?

Angel Urns has the best online choice of ashes urns in the UK. With collections ranging from 3” keepsake urns right through to 13” unique and carefully crafted sculptured urns.

When buying ashes urns there are two things to think about:
1. The capacity of the ashes urn – how much can it hold.
2. The dimensions of the ashes urn – its height and width.ashes urn from

As a general rule, 1 pound of body weight (before cremation) needs 1 cubic inch of space in the urn. The capacity of our ashes urns is always detailed in their information/item specifics.

Where you decide to keep your ashes urn will determine what dimensions you need it to be. Scattering ashes can be made easy with one of our scatter urns, putting them out to sea is simple using one of our sea urns; and keeping them at home in one of our large urns has never been easier.

If you would like to see how easy it is to fill your own urn, there is a form below. Just fill in your name and email then watch the video. We’ll also send a copy to your email address so you can watch it again later.

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